Executive Vice President Nick Amarante Tapped to Join Board of Advisors for Life Science Cares

Life Science Cares leverages some of the most brilliant minds in the life science industry to take on one of the most important social issues of our time—poverty. Raising millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteer hours, with real-world, hands-on community support from its members, Life Science Cares’ mission is to provide immediate and long-term basic needs, education and opportunity for our neighbors living in poverty in our own backyard.

We’re proud to recognize Executive Vice President of HM Science, Nick Amarante, who was recently appointed to the Board of Advisors for Life Science Cares Boston, based on his personal passion to help others and desire to continue to enact positive change in his local community.

“While the Life Sciences sector drives incredible breakthroughs in medical technology, improving countless lives, it’s stark to see so many in our own communities struggling,” said Nick. “This dissonance fuels my passion for Life Science Cares, an organization bridging the gap by connecting life sciences professionals and industry service providers like us with impactful volunteer opportunities right here in Boston. I’m thrilled to join my peers in giving back and making a tangible difference in our community.”

Life Science Cares was created to bring awareness to the issues of inequity and poverty throughout our communities, in cities like Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York. They create grants for local charities and nonprofits to offer their support via donations, fundraising, volunteer events such as food drives and countless others. Companies small and large in the biotech space have opportunities to gather their team and make a difference through these events and programs.

Our core value #8 (generously give to others) is one that we are proud to live out in our day-to-day lives and our HM Science team is looking forward to spending time with one another volunteering at various events supported by Life Science Cares. As Nick said, “we love this community, and we want to do our part in giving back and helping those in need.”