Scot Ginsburg

Executive Vice President

Scot Ginsburg, a key member of HM Science, Hughes Marino’s Life Sciences Tenant Services team, has been solely focused on exclusively representing tenants and owner users of commercial space throughout his career. With over $2 billion in transaction volume and 14,000,000 square feet of experience, Scot specializes in biotech, healthcare, research and development, medical device and instrumentation, and other life science companies. His commitment to provide the highest level of service is evidenced by his loyal clients whom he has repeatedly represented.

Prior to joining Hughes Marino, Scot was formerly managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle and principal with The Staubach Company. Scot’s passion for representing tenants exclusively comes from his personal experience as co-founder of a former high-tech company, where he found himself as the tenant on an uneven playing field with the landlords and their listing brokers. Applying this knowledge, Scot fully understands each client’s unique requirement from the tenant’s perspective and is a passionate advocate on his clients’ behalf.

Scot brings a wealth of experience to his clients, ranging from lease acquisitions, lease renewals, and early lease restructures, to build-to-suit developments, property acquisitions, and specialized tenant improvements designed for today’s demanding life science and biotech corporations.

Selected life science clients include; Prometheus, 160,000 SF; Sequenom, 82,000 SF; Respironics, 80,000 SF; Arena Pharma, 50,000 SF; Merck, 50,000 SF; Advanced BioHealing, 50,000 SF; Intrexon, 40,000 SF; REVA Medical, 40,000 SF; SenDx Medical, 40,000 SF; OREXIGEN Therapeutics, Inc., 36,000 SF; Receptos 35,000 SF; J. Craig Venter, 33,000 SF; Belville Enterprises, Inc., 32,000 SF; Malin Space Science Systems, 31,000 SF; Phillips, 30,000 SF; NexusDx, 30,000 SF; Maxim Pharmaceuticals, 25,000 SF; EpiCept Corporation, 23,000 SF; NexBio, 22,000 SF; Bio Theranostics, 21,000 SF; Rigaku, 20,000 SF; Advanced BioHealing, 20,000 SF; Integrated DNA Technologies, 19,000 SF; Trovagene, 14,000 SF; VeraCyte, 13,000 SF; A-Life Medical, 13,000 SF; Asteres, 12,000 SF; ImpediMed, 10,000 SF; Path Central, 10,000 SF; Obalon Therapeutics, 10,000 SF; Domain Associates LLC., 9,000 SF; Lithera, 8,000 SF; Lumena Pharma, 4,000 SF; Sonexa Therapeutics, Inc., 4,000 SF; and facility management for Life Technologies Inc.

Scot resides in Santaluz with his wife and two children.