John Jarvis

Executive Vice President

John Jarvis is an executive vice president at HM Science, a specialized division of Hughes Marino, a global corporate real estate advisory firm, and has been representing California’s leading companies in commercial real estate assignments since 1986. John has earned the trust of the life science community on a local and national level by consistently providing thoughtful and creative solutions to high-value real estate projects. John’s credentials are enhanced by a strong working knowledge of the life science real estate marketplace and an exclusive dedication to tenant representation with an intentional focus on teamwork, collaboration and integrity. John specializes in working with biotech, diagnostics, medical device and healthcare companies.

John’s project experience stretches across all aspects of corporate real estate activities including:

  • Strategic real estate planning and space programming / needs assessment
  • Regional demographic modeling and expansion planning
  • Buy, lease and build real estate negotiations and transaction structuring
  • Strategic lease renewal, renegotiation and right-sizing strategies
  • Sale/Leaseback Capital Markets strategies
  • Workplace strategy and cultural impact mapping
  • Project team leadership for both California and national multi-market clients

Selected Life Science clients include:

  • Roche – Genmark Diagnostis, 35,000 SF & 45,000 SF;
  • Twist Bioscience for 10,000 SF, 15,000 SF, 24,000 SF, 100,000 SF & 200,000 SF;
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals for 75,000 SF;
  • Schering Plough Corporation for 42,000 SF;
  • Celgene Corporation for 78,000 SF;
  • Helix Biotech for 4,500 SF & 24,500 SF;
  • Pharmatek Laboratories for 6,000 SF, 12,000 SF, 35,000 SF & 60,000 SF;
  • Glysens Incorporated for 15,000 SF;
  • Lexent Bio for 5,000 SF;
  • QED Bioscience for 5,500 SF;
  • Sofinnova Ventures for multiple transactions;
  • Vaxiion Therapeutics for 3,500 SF